Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Being Builders About Ramps

Today everybody got to bring a toy to school. If you didn't bring one you get to build one or pick one out of things that move. We got partners and my partner was Elly. We had a paper and a marker. We wrote what we did when we were building ramps. We did 6 things. One of the things we used was a clipboard. We tried a whiteboard too. -Rhianna
We each got to work with partners on building a ramp. It was like we were builders. I felt really proud of myself. My partner was Ella. -Rylee
Today I built a ramp. My partner was Brandon. We worked hard to find the right ramp. The right one was a white cardboard. It was the biggest one we could find. -Cameron
Today we had to do ramps. We had to get a car. We had to ride them down the ramp. -Nick
I had fun building a ramp with Rhianna. -Elly
I had fun. We got to get a car and ride it down. We built a cardboard ramp and my partner was Jonathan. -Carter
My partner was Karys. -Reegan
It was fun! Yay! -Cayden
My partner was Carter. It was fun. You had to run stuff down ramps. Carter had a plane. -Jonathan
When we were talking about making ramps, Mrs. Malkoske asked if we could look around the room and find something that you could use for a ramp. I found a big piece of wood. When it was time to make ramps I went and got it. My partner was Cali. We tried a bunch of places to put the ramp but a few of them worked. Then we went to the carpet and put a stool under and put the ramp over top and got little place value blocks and we put them underneath. We got some foam things that we put at the end. When we put the place value block under and the foam at the bottom, our cars went really far and it worked really well. I had fun. -Sydney
Today we each got to bring a toy to school. We got to build ramps. -Kayla

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